About Us

Welcome to the 3D world of Bin Weevils, an ever changing virtual world where you can chat with friends, play fun games, explore locations, become a Secret Agent on a mission, train your own Bin Pet, grow gardens, decorate nest rooms, level up, crack puzzles, run virtual businesses, and so much more.

Thousands of users have already signed up for free. Join now and unlock all sorts of amazing goodies. Grow a garden with gorgeous seeds and furniture. There are many seeds and garden items on sale at the Garden Shop and stock changes regularly, so there are always rare garden seeds and items to buy for your garden! Every week the best grown garden designs are awarded a trophy to show off in their garden with pride. Decorate nest rooms with thousands of nest items and nest themes, personalize your own home and invite guests to get high Nest Coolness ratings! Deck your nest rooms with thrones, trophies, portraits, shelves, gadgets, wallpapers, beds, sofas, floors, ceilings, lighting, flowers, appliances, photo frames and loads more! Have a retail therapy at the Shopping Mall and buy nest items at the Nestco shopping department for your nest. Find hidden items and display them in your room. Every month the best nest is awarded a trophy to show off on in their nest with pride. Can you reach A-List Nest Coolness and decorate the best nest in the Bin?

Level up, earn XP, unlock rewards and earn cool level up trophies that you can display in your nest! Play games solo or multiplayer with friends. Bin Weevils has pool games, battleship games, racing games, puzzle games, word games and even a Summer Fair every summer packed with fun games! Challenge your buddies on leaderboards and play games to earn Mulch which you can use to buy all sorts of weevily wonderful items for your nest rooms and garden. Become a Secret Agent and access secretive locations and meet new characters. Play Secret Weevil Service missions and discover dozens of minigames, challenges and activities. Run virtual businesses in your plaza, personalize your party rooms with text, colours, facades, decorations and music and earn earnings for every customer you attract at Cash Machines. Express your fashion flair by collecting and wearing hats. At Hem's Hats, you can purchase colourful headgear to suit any style, from viking hats to feather headdresses, crowns, berets, helmets and fabulous florals! You'll get a free Top Hat to start off your collection when you join. Give yourself a royal makeover at the Bin Weevil Changer inside Dosh's Palace and customise your weevil avatar's colour using the colour combination wheel. There are several antennas, eyes and shapes to personalize your weevil with!

Adopt and train your own Bin Pet, name it, feed it, train it, and play with it! Unlock hundreds of juggling skills and reach the pro and elite levels on its training paths. Train your Bin Pet to walk with you around the Binscape on your back or beside you. Teach it to fetch, throw to you, juggle, wave, spin, jump and copy your weevil actions. Take care of your Bin Pet by feeding it and giving it regular exercise. The more you play with your Bin Pet daily, the fitter and healthier it will be and the quicker your Bin Pet's experience level will go up. The more experience your Bin Pet has, the more tricks and actions it will be able to perform. Give your Bin Pet a real work out at GymPet with the pet exercise games. Let your Bin Pet interact with other pets throughout the game so they learn and show off their skills. Buy pet items and toys and decorate a nest room for your cute and bouncy pet.

There's Bin nests to decorate, gardens to plant, plazas to run, Bin Pets to adopt, games to play, leaderboards to climb, loyalty cards to stamp, and so much more! Create your free weevil and get started today.