About Us

Welcome to the 3D virtual world of Bin Weevils Rewritten, a unique virtual platform where kids can have great experiences in a multimedia environment! It only takes a couple of seconds to join, and it's absolutely free!

Bin Weevils Rewritten is a fun, friendly, and engaging environment which brings social and educational values to children by providing a safe space for them to communicate with other players, and providing multiplayer games and brain training exercises!

Children get to create and look after their own avatar (Bin Weevil) and explore all of the opportunities our virtual world can offer: they can chat and socialise with friends, play games, watch cartoons, read books previews in our virtual library, enter competitions, create their own virtual business, and much more. Children will find hours of entertainment exploring the virtual world and all that it has to offer.

At Bin Weevils Rewritten, we take children’s online safety very seriously. We have a unique online safety chat system in place, which monitors childrens’ online behaviour, educates them on avoiding bad language, and takes automatic precautions like warning and banning where needed. This system, along with live moderators who monitor chat on the website, allow us to put children’s safety first, and provide a safe space for children to learn and play in.

A world of excitement (and more!) awaits children in the virtual world of Bin Weevils Rewritten. Join now, FREE, to create a Bin Weevil and start playing straight away!